Cases In Which Our Law Firm Is Being Involved

Indicative Report:

Banks’ Disputes:

  • Dispute out of stock-market derivatives and annulment of the respective arbitral decision
  • Participation of bank’s bond-holder creditors in the increase of the bank’s capital
  • Negotiation for debt arrangement of a multilateral bank loan
  • International jurisdiction and applicable law in cross-border bank loans
  • Transfer of bank loans and its impact on the bank’s financial collateral security
  • Issues of guarantee, cumulative assumption of debt and causal recognition of debt in a settlement of non-performing bank loans
  • Issues of election’s procedure of a bank’s managing director
  • Issues of limitation of bank’s compensation against its board members.
  • Social-security contracts with the association of the bank’s employees
  • Specialized issues regarding the dissolution of a mutual fund
  • Validity of bank loans’ general terms provided in Suisse franc
  • Specialized issues related to the cost of collection of non-performing bank loans
  • Liability of a bank based to the non-renewal of insurance contract concluded in favor of the loan-receiver
  • Compound interest of agricultural bank loans
  • Illegal provision of a bank loan and related bank’s liability

Monastery Property:

  • Seizeable, divestment and others matters of monastery property


  • Default of the renter of a real estate with major tourism importance and relevant renter’s liability (contractual and tortuous)
  • Readjust of a business lease of a multinational company
  • Negotiations and formation of an emporium’s business lease
  • “Compensation for use” due to the non-return of a sealed, by the Community fraud squad, rented business property
  • Leasing and related liability due to the defects of a wood’s processing machinery / of medical machinery / of a printer of business use etc.


  • Breach of a sale of enterprise (asset deal), including the transfer of mining rights and the use of forest areas
  • Sale of company’s shares (share deal) and liability due to the defects of the company’s enterprise
  • Breach of contract regarding the provision of oil
  • Sale of a business-car license
  • Fraud against purchasers of a big real estate property

Work Contracts:

  • Breach of work contracts regarding multi-floor building and contractor’s liability for work’s defects in relation to the non- issuance of building permit due to the omit of the building owners to take relative actions
  • Work contract for a cottage between foreigners and related contractors’ liability and matters of international jurisdiction and applicable law
  • Partial split-up and contribution of a constructive branch of a firm, which was a member of a joint-venture for the construction of a public work

Companies’ Disputes:

  • Simulation of partnership in SA hotel companies
  • Termination of partnership of a two-membered pharmaceutical collective partnership
  • Simulation of partnership in a collective partnership
  • Issues of liability of a cooperative association’ s board members
  • Judicial appointment of administrator of a general partnership
  • Replacement of liquidator of a general partnership due to material reason
  • Issues from adverse possession of a multinational company’ s real estate by its employees
  • Right of way and General Building Regulation
  • Unjustified termination of a loan-for-use of a common interest foundation’ s real estate

Compensations Based On Tort:

  • Tort’s liability of a car manufacturing company in case of a car accident
  • Tort’s and strict liability during the construction of electricity stations
  • Tort’s liability of a building owner and of the contractor during the construction of a multi-floor building nearby electricity stations
  • Liability for compensation of a Pan-Hellenic television channel due to personality’s insult

Succession Disputes:

  • Validity of an elderly testator’ will
  • Will’ s validity of a testator with Alzheimer